ALC Teacher helping student with coursework and pointing at the assignment.


Sunset Terrace is located in Northwest Rochester. The school serves approximately 690 K - 5 grade students, known as the Wildcats. Sunset Terrace staff believe all students have the ability to achieve at high levels. Curriculum is an integration between core skill sets, like reading and math, as well as social and emotional skills. Families play a critical role in their children’s experience. The Sunset Terrace community believes families play a critical role in their children’s education experience and aim to collaborate with each family as a partner in education.


Get Connected.

Sunset works hard to keep you informed.

Invest in the future.

Our school works in many ways to better our community and our students.


Technology in the Classroom.

Technology is integrated into our curriculum at Sunset Terrace to help prepare our students for their future. 

Teaching students to explore.

Sunset Terrace strives to create curiosity in new subjects and help students explore new experiences.

Learning Beyond the Classroom.

Sunset Terrace offers learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom with sports, clubs, and fine arts opportunities for students.

Encouraging students.

Students open up to learn in and out of the classroom.